Driving with caution this 4th of July

AAA is warning all drivers to take extra care this 4th of July.

Michael Carnes is being released on probation

The 4th of July fireworks show will cause road closures around the College of Southern Idaho Campus.

Not only is July 3rd the 125th birthday for the Gem State, but it’s the 111th Birthday for Twin Falls.

What to know this 4th of July when it comes to your fireworks

With more and more states and communities banning fireworks in one aspect or another, knowing what is OK and what's not OK to light off is getting more and more confusing.

Brothers help sell fireworks for veterans over going fishing

Two local boys are trading in their fishing poles to help veterans.

Girl Scouts chapter rejects $100K donation

A Washington Girl Scouts chapter returned donations due to donor's request that it not be used for transgender girls.

Century Link phone outage restored

Phone service is fully restored in two counties after a major outage Wednesday.

Things to know before you go to a national forest this weekend

The fourth of July is the biggest travel weekend of the year for the national forest.

The Sun Protection Factor

With high temperatures and intense sun, doctors urge you to remember your sunscreen.

Hot diggity dog! A 4th of July favorite

Nikki Kay checks in with Falls Brand to learn a little more about one of the favorite foods of the 4th.

Wildlife experts locate Peregrine Falcons in Snake River Canyon

Wildlife experts say they've spotted a successful breeding pair of Peregrine Falcons in the Snake River Canyon for the first time in 20 years.

Video: Homeless man stuns with piano performance

Video of a homeless veteran playing piano outside a Florida restaurant goes viral.

Sun Valley Ice Show starts up 4th of July weekend

The 2015 Sun Valley Ice Show season is starting out with a bang. The 4th of July Ice Show is their biggest ice skating show of the year. The summer ice shows in Sun Valley feature some of the world’s best skaters.

Twin Falls Grocery Outlet raises money for homeless shelter

Twin Falls Grocery Outlet is starting a month long initiative to give food to the Valley House Homeless Shelter.

Idaho State Police release “Crime In Idaho” report

Idaho maintains its status as one of the safest states in the nation when it comes to violent crimes.

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