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Lots of sunshine expected, not only for Tuesday or Wednesday but the rest of the week. The only thing we might see a change is the temperatures. It will warm back up into the 80s tomorrow and then a cold front arrives Wednesday knocking temperatures back down into the 70s for the rest of the week. While the cold front won't have rain it could have some gusty winds for the day on Wednesday.

Chief Meteorologist Brian Neudorff, Monday 9:30 pm MDT
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TONIGHT: Clear and cool
WINDS: Light and variable
LOW: 48 (Mountains: 36)

TUESDAY: Warmer with sunny skies.
WINDS: NW 5-10 mph
HIGH: 85 (Mountains: 78)

TUESDAY NIGHT: Mostly clear skies.
LOW: 52 (Mountains: 45)

WEDNESDAY: Sunny breezy and cooler
HIGH: 72 (Mountains: 70)

THURSDAY: Sunny skies
HIGH: 74 (Mountains: 69)

FRIDAY: Mostly sunny skies
HIGH: 76 (Mountains: 73)

SATURDAY: Mostly sunny skies
HIGH: 81 (Mountains: 76)

SUNDAY: Mostly sunny skies
HIGH: 82 (Mountains: 77)

MONDAY: Mostly sunny skies
HIGH: 83 (Mountains: 75)