Drug court graduates 17 more in the Magic Valley

More than 500 people have graduated from District Five Drug Court all-time.

Catholic Church announces new rules when it comes to cremation.

With the changing seasons, the Idaho Transportation Department is reminding drivers to be alert for wildlife that may be migrating near highways.

The nonprofit has been operating as a food pantry since 2008, but after applying for grants and receiving donations, they're ready to open a soup kitchen and host various community meetings.

Oregon ranching standoff defense: Axe juror or call mistrial

Welfare statistics in Blaine County

Deputy focusing on recovery after shooting

Valley House brings awareness to homelessness

Canal company will begin winter projects

Superintendent search is on for Twin Falls Schools

Broken water pipe closes Heritage Academy

World Series Game 2 start moved up an hour, rain in forecast

Old cell phone used in new way helps stop burglary

Jerome Police Department starts saving money for a new building

Idaho Dem leader defends mailer touting conservative ranking

Pentagon pauses effort to collect bonuses from California National Guard members

Preliminary plat for west Twin Falls subdivision is approved

Paramedics use cadavers in life-like training

How does ranked choice voting rank?

Experts and lawmakers unsure how much will be accomplished in lame-duck

Obamacare premiums increase, Crapo releases statement

Boise State sees big jump in enrollment this year

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