Eating Your Meat Locally


By Andrew Reed

Hagerman, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Meet Evelyn Simon and Joe Bennett and their more than 70 kids.

For the last seven years, the couple has been operating a goat ranch in Hagerman.

They raise each goat until it’s about one–hundred twenty pounds, then it’s off to the butcher.

"We have to have that meat processed at a USDA plant and that's in Nampa” said Evelyn Simon, Rancher.

The final product? Lean, high protein meat.

"To be able to sell to restaurants like we do, and to ship and to sell off the farm and through Idaho bounty" said Evelyn Simon, Rancher.

That’s where local chefs like Lynn Sheehan come into play.

"There aren't many people who commercial ranching goat locally and that's why we went to them in the first place” said Lynn Sheehan, Executive Chef, Cucina Gemelli.

She said many overlook the value of the meat produced in our own back yard.

"But goat is an underappreciated meat. It is lean and healthful, and as much protein as been and half the fat” said Lynn Sheehan, Executive Chef, Cucina Gemelli.

Meat that's vital to Sheehan's restaurant, and Evelyn and Joe's livelihood.

"Get up early, feed the goats, feed the horses, check the cows, change water, then have breakfast then start again” said Joe Bennett, Rancher.

So the next time you 'eat local', keep your options open and try something new.

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