Paranormal Investigations Part III: Results Of The Investigation


By Brian Neudorff

Kimberly, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Once a paranormal investigation is over, it’s time to see if the S.N.A.P.T (The Supernatural and Paranormal Team), who lead the investigation, found any evidence out at the Stricker Ranch homestead.

There are hours and hours of video and audio recordings the member of S.N.A.P.T have to analyse to see if they caught proof of anything during the investigation.

“Plan of attack in our approach is you want to do the EVP’s first, then after the EVP’s you want to do the video, video takes a lot longer to do.” adds Jake McCullough, S.N.A.P.T.

Eight different security cameras, recording for seven hours, equals fifty-six hours of video that they have to watch. The Stricker Ranch captured just one second of video.

To see the the video that was captured by S.N.A.P.T, check out the attached video.

Jennifer Hills, President of the Friends of Stricker, reacting to the evidence said, “Our official line which is everyone has their own experiences out there, so in seeing this footage somebody might say it’s a definite apparition or something there, and somebody else might say well no i think that’s just a camera angle. So i guess it depends on your own experiences with the sight and depends on how you feel about those kinds of things too.”

“Our conclusion at this point since we only did one night of an investigation, it’s really hard to do a conclusion. But with the evidence that we did get with that apparition showing up and not showing up, there’s definite signs of something being there,”said Jake McCullough of S.N.A.P.T

The Stricker Ranch is closed for the season but reopens on Sundays during the late spring and summer.
If you think you have something paranormal going on at your home or business, the Supernatural and Paranormal Team is available for investigations, and they are free. For more information just visit their website.

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