Twin Falls man wins small Publishers Clearing House prize, is okay with only $1,000


By Jay Michaels

TWIN FALLS, ID (KMVT) All of us have gotten mail from Publishers Clearing House, and probably just throw it away.
But this week Ray Randall of Twin Falls got a UPS overnight letter from Publishers Clearing House. The letter said he'd definitely won $1,000, but he had a chance out of 210 people to win a million dollars.

Randall says, “I've received those letters for years, and there's so much paperwork to 'em that I just tossed 'em away. But this time I said I'll give it a try, we'll see what happens.”

Randall says he ended up getting a total of ten letters that he had to fill out, put a stamp on, and send back to Publishers Clearing House. Then this week he got the notice he might be a million dollar winner.

Randall says, "It's kind of strange to be in the final 210 out of the billions of the odds."

So Randall was waiting for the Publishers Clearing House Party Patrol to show up at his house. Unfortunately, they showed up at the home of Larry Brown of Granite City, Illinois instead. Randall says even though he didn't win the million dollars, he still ended up $1,000 ahead of the game.

Randall says, "So I gave it a try, and apparently something worked."

Any idea what that secret was?

Randall chuckles, "No, I have no idea. I just followed through with it, and that's all I know."

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