Wendell Is Home To More Than 100 Ostriches


By KMVT News

Did you know Wendell is home to nearly 100 ostriches? Most in the area don't.

Mark and Tiffany own and operate the Golden Egg Ostrich Ranch. The couple moved to Idaho from Washington with a dream: to start up an ostrich ranch.

Mark says their family and friends were doubtful the couple could get into the business, but they proved them wrong, "Then a bunch of people said that we couldn't do it so I figured well we can do it. So here we are."

Seven years later, the ostriches bred and raised at the Golden Egg Ostrich Ranch are enjoyed across the region.

Mark says, "Right now we grind most of it into hamburger and we sell it to Fuddruckers. We maintain the Boise and Meridian location, and twelve locations in California. The demand is 10 times more than we can produce right now."

A high demand for a red meat that's low in cholesterol and fat.

Mark explains, "So health-wise it's one of the best meats on the market."

And entertainment-wise, the Finleys say there's never a dull moment.

Mark's wife, Tiffany, says, "They will pull your hair, they've pulled ponytails out of my hair. I've had to chase my sunglasses because they'll take them off and throw them between one to another."

Mark says, "They like to bite. That's all they have to grab anything is their mouth so they constantly peck at everything."

If you'd like to see the Golden Egg Ostrich Ranch for yourself, mark and Tiffany offer tours.

Visitors are encouraged to make a donation. Ostrich steaks and burgers are also for sale.

For more information, you can give them a call at (208) 404-8585.

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