Account Executive


By Paul Johnson

Here's a life altering opportunity for you. Can you answer yes to the following 6 questions?  Do you get so busy you can't believe you missed lunch? Do your shoes match your belt or purse? Are you a PowerPoint maestro? When you talk, do people stop and listen? Will people come to a party you throw? Are you really ready to make a difference and get paid to do it? We're Neuhoff Communications, a progressive group of TV stations, and here we do things a little different. We have discovered why people do the things they do and work with forward thinking companies to market their unique story. If you are a whiner, can’t handle pressure or generally a lazy person, stop reading right here. Too many personal commitments? Well, you won’t make the cut either. We don’t want to be mean.  We just don’t want to waste your time or ours.  We are willing to pay a lot of money for real talent.  However, if you want on our team you have to earn it by proving yourself as a direct business sales pro.  We do not need people to tend lists.  Don’t get me wrong.  Prove yourself and we will give you some accounts.  One other thing, eventually you will be on commission, you know where you eat what you kill.  But that is many many months down the road and we know that.  We understand reality.  So until then if you take care of us by working hard and building your skills, we will take care of you.  It is really that simple.  So if you’re smart, hard working  and personable, we might hire you and then I promise you will make more money than the average person.  To get started send an e-mail to and tell her why you are right for this job. I am not talking about that “mutually-beneficial challenging career” talk.  Just sell yourself on why you should be granted an interview.  We will worry about the resume thing later. We really do have a parking space with “your name” on it. If you get an interview we will show it to you.  Neuhoff Communications is an equal opportunity employer. This could be the beginning of the best job you'll never leave.

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