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Advertising is mandatory for the success of all businesses, no matter their size. The right medium gives you a chance to connect with existing customers, expand your client base, compete with other businesses and establish your brand’ s identity.

Television ads aren’t just for big business. The fact is that top brands rely on television ads because they’re so effective. You might wonder if a television centered ad campaign can make an impact on your business. There is no doubt that television has a broad reach which positions TV advertisers for success right off the bat, but there are a number of other things that will determine your ad campaign’s effectiveness.

Why advertising matters:

1. Creating awareness. Advertising informs people about a brand or service, builds familiarity and earns consumer trust.

2. Reaching new customers. Community demographics change. Customers grow older, younger ones enter into their buying years and new residents move into a market. Advertising reaches out to the changing consumer.

3. Keeping loyal customers. Loyal customers are the life blood of any business and advertising reminds them a business is still there to meet their needs.

4. Staying ahead of the competition. When competitors are advertising lower prices, advertising reminds shoppers of the value-added services offered by you.

Tips for planning your campaign:

1. Determine a specific goal. Perhaps you want to move older merchandise, improve your business’ image, or promote new merchandise. Maybe you want to keep up with a competitor. Set a sales goal and a target completion date to help you focus your message and track progress.

2. Identify your target market. Observe your current customers to understand your business’ natural client base. Consider your market potential and the available customer population of the local area. Select a target demographic. Know as much as you can about these potential customers including age, gender, income level, ethnicity, and interests.

3. Develop a focused strategy. Keeping your specific goal and customer in mind, decide which marketing strategy will be most successful. To boost sales, discounts or financing offers might appeal to customers. To boost image, focus on unique services or qualities your store offers. Determine a timeline for your campaign so you can reach your goal by the target date.

4. Create a meaningful and motivating message. Choose one or two messages to drive home in the campaign. This will leave consumers with a clear, lasting impression. If you’re running a promotion, focus on that. If you want to get consumers excited about a specific line of products, highlight what makes them special.

5. Select the best media to use. Determine what your target market is watching, reading, and listening to. Ask your customers about their favorite radio stations, TV programs, newspapers, and magazines. Don’t interrogate them, but see how much you can find out. Decide when your target market is watching TV and which other media would best supplement your TV campaign.

6. Plan an analysis strategy. Decide how exactly you’ll gauge the effectiveness of your ad campaign. Keep track of customer zip codes, and purchases. Train salespeople to ask customers how they heard about the store or what make them decide to visit.

Tips for a successful ad:

1. Keep it simple. This will prevent you and the viewer from getting confused. A significant but simple benefit of your business will keep audiences on your wavelength.

2. Focus on one basic idea. Give people one big reason to become your customer. It’s easier for you to plan, and for viewers to remember.

3. Be clear. Don’t undermine your message with a complicated presentation. Be direct.

4. Be unique and unexpected. Your ad will stand out if you do something different, but make sure it still makes sense in the context of your message, your business, and your target audience.

5. Involve your viewer. Give audiences a way to connect with your ad. Make the viewer curious or provocative to trigger a response.

6. Use emotion. Try to hit a nerve. If consumers can relate to what they see in your ad, they’ll feel more connected.

7. Consider production elements. Use sight, sound, motion, and emotion together to create a powerful experience.

8. Prove the benefit. Demonstrate that your claim is true and trustworthy.

9. Identify yourself. Include your business name and identifying information so clearly that it stands out. It’s the most important thing for consumers to remember.

Why television?
Television should be the centerpiece of any plan. Broadcast TV’s household penetration is about 97%, meaning it reaches more people nationwide than any other non-static medium. Most Americans watch about 35 hours of television each week—that’s more than five hours a day! This volume of exposure means that there are lots of chances to catch viewers’ attention and lots of programs that can lead to the target audience.

As the home of local news programs, broadcast television is especially beneficial to local businesses because the audience is in the target area. People surfing the web for example, could stumble across ads from distant places. Broadcast TV ensures that not a penny is wasted on audiences who are too far away to be potential customers. Television audiences are also diverse. Every type of consumer is watching at some point, and industry tracking makes it easier to find out who’s watching when. Detailed analyses of viewer demographics are invaluable to advertisers who are trying to determine what time and on what programs their ads will be most effective.

TV viewers are also engaged viewers. Ads air one at a time, giving each its time in the spotlight. Unlike print and internet ads, TV commercials get the screen to themselves during their 30 second spot. This means that audiences won’t be distracted by other images appearing at the same time.

Television has a “four-pronged approach.” Television provides a multisensory experience, giving advertisers lots of ways to connect with viewers. The four tools in TV’s arsenal include: sight, sound, motion, and emotion. These come together in a four-pronged message that can impact viewers more deeply than any individual kind of experience.

Strengths and weaknesses of other media:
Americans lead media driven lives, and technology is always changing how businesses can communicate with consumers. Not so very long ago, advertisers were limited to static media like billboards, newspapers, direct mail, and the Yellow Pages. Radio, television and cable followed. Social media and the internet are the newest tools in the bos. With all these options, it can be hard to choose what to include in a marketing plan, but each medium has definite strengths and weaknesses. An effective campaign uses a combination of methods that complement one another and allow advertisers to reach the best possible audience.

Direct Mail:
Strengths: Tangibility, targeting, frequency, tracking, household penetration.

Weaknesses: Cost, limited flexibility, competition and clutter, limited medium (no sound or motion), list maintenance.

Strengths: Sight, sound, motion and emotion, greater opportunity to run longer ads, young, loyal audience, targeting via interest-specific channels.

Weaknesses: Fragmented audiences, smaller market coverage, ad clutter, unreliable measurement data.

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Yellow Pages:
Strengths: Recognition and penetration, convenience, range of listings, supplementary strategy, cost.

Weaknesses: Clutter, online competition, limited medium (no sound or motion), cost, fractured audience, lack of flexibility.

Internet & Social Media
Strengths: Tracking, instant gratification, interactivity, flexibility.

Weaknesses: Clutter, limited demographics, brand degradation, privacy concerns.

Strengths: Audience, tangibility, flexibility.

Weaknesses: Diminishing readership, limited medium (no sound or motion), cost.

Strengths: Targeting, coverage, household penetration, listener loyalty.

Weaknesses: Fragmentation, audience distraction, limited “primetime” hours, limited medium (no sight and motion).

Why KMVT and FOX 14?
KMVT, FOX 14 and Southern Idaho's CW 11.2 are the only real LOCAL TV Stations in Southern Idaho. They are the only television stations that originate from the market. We employ over 60 people right here in southern Idaho. The ABC and NBC stations broadcast from Boise. KMVT, FOX 14 and Southern Idaho's CW is also the only full power VHF station in the market, and has the only local news.

What does that mean for your business? It means that we have the staff and the signal right here in southern Idaho to take care of your business right.

1. We have the only local news in the market.

2. KMVT airs CBS programming in 1080i HD and FOX airs programming in the FOX Network standard of 720P. In April of 2012 we started airing our local newscasts in HD. KMVT and FOX 14's picture clarity are second to none and that means that people are more likely to watch and see your commercial.

3. Neuhoff Media has invested approximately $3.5 million into the station over the last three years to ensure that we are broadcasting at a level very few small market television stations can.

4. We are owned by a family who believe strongly in giving back to our community. In 2012 Neuhoff Communications employees gave over 2000 volunteer hours to our community. In addition, Neuhoff Communications provided over $1-Million worth of airtime for charities.  Lastly, over 6,000 kids received a Christmas gift thanks to KMVT’s Toys for Tot’s campaign. This makes a tremendous difference in the lives of many people in our community and we will continue to help.

5. Since we are the only local stations in the market, we primarily transact business with businesses here in our community. That helps to support the strength of our hometown businesses.

6. We have an experienced sales and production staff. They are professionals who continue to educate themselves on the newest trends in advertising. They live here too, and care deeply about making your business successful.

7. We have plenty of advertising options for you, beyond the :30 second spot. We offer many other advertising venues including internet, mobile apps, trade shows and special promotions. We create very unique and targeted promotions for our clients. If there is something special that you are looking for, let us know and our team will find a way to make it happen.

Basically, we have several very powerful advertising streams that allow you to reach 100’s of thousands of potential customers. The heritage and commitment to the community reflect how committed we are to your business. Call us at (208)733-1100 and let us come out to your business and show you what we can do for you and your business.

KMVT and FOX 14 Television has served the Magic Valley and Southern Idaho for over 50 years. When you think of quality television in Southern Idaho, you think of KMVT and FOX 14.




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