‘Bipolar Miracle’ Author to Speak in Wendell and Twin Falls


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March 23, 2013 at 10:00 AM until 6:00 PM

Location: 3 locations - Wendell Public Library, Bell's Books and Parks and Rec Meeting Room 136 Maxwell St, Twin Falls

Phone: 208-407-1414

Email: pkwalkerwhite@msn.com

Event Description

Best selling Canadian Author, Autumn Stringam is coming to town to share the story of her natural, 17 year recovery from severe bipolar and the pig pill discovery that saved her. The micronutrient recipe that ended her madness in 1996 started first as an experiment in the pig farms of Southern Alberta, Canada. Desperate after the suicide death of Autumn’s mother, father Anthony Stephan decided he’d give the swine-calming concoction a try on his daughter. "It’s a crazy, hopeful story, and that’s why HarperCollins published it,” says Stringam of her book, “A Promise of Hope.”

17 years later, with research published 20 times in reputable medical journals world wide, the Canadian formulators are certain that the micronutrient formulation will benefit just about anyone. “Although I think that resolving bipolar symptoms would be enough to be excited about,” says Stringam, “the discovery of micronutrients for mental health has gone way beyond bipolar, linking the formulation to resolution for rage, impulsivity, mood swings/ lability and oddly, a massive increased ability to cope with real life stress!”

Stringam will be signing books and presenting an informative seminar called “Moods, Motivation and the Mineral Connection” on March 23rd, 10 -12 at the Wendell Public Library, 1 – 3 at Bell’s Bookstore 761 2nd Ave N Twin Falls, and then 4-6 at Twin Falls Parks and Rec meeting room 136 Maxwell St. Twin Falls. Autumn’s husband, Dana Stringam, and Patricia Walker White (formerly of Wendell) will answer questions on about Q96 and will be providing information about access to the non-prescription formulation in the USA. They will also discuss how it has also been found to help to those handling the challenges of ADD/ADHD, Rage, Impulsivity, Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, Depression, Mental Clarity and Focus, Alzheimer’s and more.
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