FREE Personal Protection for Moms + Daughters


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Date: April 10, 2010

Time: 10:00 am - Noon

Location: YMCA 1751 Elizabeth


Child Price: FREE

Adult Price: FREE

Organization: Success Martial Arts

Event Description

Teenage Girls Are the Most Frequent Victims of Sexual Assault!

Scary Statistics:
• Two-thirds of imprisoned sexual assault offenders reported that their victims were younger than age 18.
• Sixty-one percent of all rape victims are younger than 18 years of age.
• Thirty-two percent of all rape victims are 11-17 years of age.
• The average victim of abduction and murder is an 11 year old girl described as a “low risk” “normal kid” from a stable family. Her initial contact with an abductor is within a quarter mile of her home.
• Violence against teens continues to be rampant as 1 in 5 teens will be victims of a violent crime this year.

FREE Personal Protection
For Moms and Daughters

Success Martial Arts Senior Instructor Brian Higgins has partnered with the Twin Falls YMCA to offer a special FREE session of In The Zone. This revolutionary approach to self-defense, is unique. Unlike run of the mill self-defense programs, this innovative approach teaches fear management and how to deal with your “fight or flight” response.
Coach Higgins calls it “From Eeeek to GRRRR”.

Higgins is uniquely suited to sharing this specific topic with teen-age girls. His career in juvenile detention dealing with underage victims and offenders helps him to relate to teens in a way that will educate them without turning them off.
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