World Trade Center cornerstone mined in northern New York

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NORTH RIVER, N.Y. (WCAX) -- There's an interesting connection to the new World Trade Center and a piece of garnet from northern New York.

The old mine pit at Barton Mines in North River, New York, is open to the public to search around for the red mineral. Bonnie Barton says they have the largest and hardest garnets in the world. And back in 2004, a slab was dedicated for the One World Trade Center cornerstone.

"It was chosen for a variety of reasons. The garnet from the Barton Mines is the New York state stone, and it was deemed by Governor Rockefeller back in 1969, and also, geologically, it is so unique to our planet. So as a result, we had the honor of having them use our block," Barton said.

Barton says the block was about 23 tons.