Airliners grounded in Twin Falls to wait out inclement weather | Woman taken to hospital

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Multiple planes were forced to stop in Twin Falls Thursday because of severe weather at their destination.

Three planes are grounded on their way to Salt Lake City, where there were rain, high winds and even a tornado that touched down.

That weather kept the planes here until they were cleared to go.

Almost coincidentally, one woman said she felt light headed, so emergency crews were able to meet them at the airport and take her to St. Luke’s.

Even though it was a hectic situation, the airport was able to move into position and get it taken care of.

“The information came from different directions and once we were able to put it together we moved pretty quickly,” said Bill Carberry, the airport manager. “We were able to get a boarding ramp out here quickly to get the patient off of there. So you just move into your level of training and respond appropriately.”

After the weather in Salt Lake calmed down and the planes fueled up, they were back in the sky, and even though the passengers got to Salt Lake a little later than planned, they got to the airport safely.

Updated from original:

Passenger jet airliners were diverted to Twin Falls Thursday evening due to a inclement weather, and one passenger was transported to the hospital for being light-headed.

Magic Valley Regional Airport Manager Bill Carberry said one Boeing 757 and two Boeing 737 Delta airliners landed in Twin Falls due to inclement weather on their way to Salt Lake City.

Carberry said coincidentally, a 39-year-old woman on one of the airplanes was taken to St. Luke’s Magic Valley Regional Medical Center after becoming light-headed.

He said the Boeing 757 was coming from Seattle on its way to Salt Lake City. The jets would likely fuel up and wait until the storm clears around the Salt Lake City area.

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