Attempted murder trial begins in Lincoln County

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SHOSHONE, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) After more than a year of investigations and pretrial conferences the victim of a brutal shooting is now one day closer to seeking justice.

Jury selection and court proceedings began Wednesday in the attempted murder trial of a Jerome man.

Through an interpreter he described the incident.

“I started walking, I couldn't believe, I didn't think I had been shot but then when I heard the other shot is when I started running,” said Francisco Javier Bravo Martinez.

Antonio Gallegos is charged with two counts of attempted murder and criminal conspiracy, but today his attorney started the argument for innocence.

“The truth lies not in what is said and seen and testified to, but the truth lies in what is not seen,” said Jeremy Pittard, defense attorney.

According to testimony, Francisco Javier Bravo Martinez was shot twice by Gallegos in the chest and leg and then three more times in the head by another man David Ceballos.

“Amazingly, that didn't kill him,” said Prosecuting Attorney E. Scott Paul. “Mr. Bravo has some severe leg injuries, but the rounds into the head were close enough and small enough caliber, it looks like they just hit and went under the skin and exited.”

They then left him for dead in a rural part of Shoshone just west of town.

Several hours passed before Martinez is able to call for help.

The case should run through Monday.

After some plea agreements, the court expects witnesses of the shooting to testify against Gallegos in the coming days.

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