Boat with Quagga Mussel seized as it heads into Twin Falls County

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The Twin Falls County Sheriff's office seized a boat heading into Idaho from Nevada on Highway 93 today. The reason? A quagga mussel on the vehicle.

The mussel was alive, which means the state can hold on to the boat for 30 days. It's only the second time in the last seven years that a live mussel was found.

"It is impossible to try to eradicate these mussels and so our best defense is these check stations," said Kali Sherrill, the superintendent of the Twin Falls County Weed Control.

On Tuesday representatives with the Department of Agriculture will come to Twin Falls to decontaminate the boat.

Sherrill said they find a few mussels a year, but they are usually dead. She said they can edge out native wildlife and stick to infrastructure.

Idaho is one of four states without the mussels. Washington, Oregon and Wyoming also are mussel free. Montana was the latest state to find the mussels in their water-ways.

The boat owner is from Canada, Sherrill said they left the boat and will return for it after the 30 day holding period.

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