Boise apartment fire leaves one person dead, five wounded

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BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Around 1 o’clock Saturday afternoon, fire crews responded to an apartment building fire that has left one person dead, five wounded and many more without a place to sleep.

Two adults and one child were treated on scene. A firefighter also sustained minor injuries. One person was sent to the hospital and one person died, according to the Boise Fire Department.

The Boise Fire Department worked into the night trying to contain the fire that began on the third story of the Arbor Crossing apartment complex, located just west of State Street at Collister Drive.

Alberta Daffner was visiting her son who lives on the ground floor of the building that caught fire.

"I could see that the front of the building, there was fire coming out. It was just gigantic; one of the stairwells was flaming! It was hitting the trees and everything," Daffner said.

She said the building has had problems with fire detectors acting up in the past, so it wasn’t until she saw smoke when she knew they had to get out.

"I was concerned, so I went to the window and saw all these embers coming down and said 'There is a fire! We have to leave!'" Daffner said.
Daffner’s son is among many residents displaced by the fire.

“He seemed to be directly below where the fire was so I’m sure there’s maybe water damage or they’ve been opening roofs up and all kinds of things…so I don’t think people close are going to be able to spend the night there,” Daffner said.

The Red Cross is helping eight families/individuals impacted by the fire so far and will provide any further assistance to families with disaster related needs.

The cause of the fire is unknown at this time. The person who died has not yet been identified.

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