Christie endorses Trump's presidential bid

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(CNN) Donald Trump picked up a major endorsement today - as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie threw his support behind this GOP frontrunner.

This comes after last night's fierce debate where Trump faced relentless attacks from Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

Friday, those attacks continued.

"There is no better fighter than Donald Trump," said Christie.

The billionaire frontrunner received a major boost on Friday in the form of an endorsement from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in what could be a pivotal moment in this race.

“This was an endorsement that really meant a lot,” said Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump.

In Christie, a former GOP contender in the race, Trump gets a ready attack dog who says he's prepared to hit the road.

"Turn away from the amateur acts from Washington, DC, and turn to a professional strong leader,” Christie said. “That's who this man is."

Christie's relentless attacks on Marco Rubio are largely credited as among the reasons for the Florida senator's poor performance in New Hampshire.

"I thought he was going to die,” Trump said. “Good going, Chris."

Christie's endorsement comes just one day after Trump butted heads with Rubio and Sen. Ted Cruz at the CNN debate in Houston.

"Anyone who cared about illegal immigration wouldn't be hiring illegal immigrants," said Cruz.

"Now he's repeating himself," Rubio said.

"No, I'm not repeating...," Trump said.

Back on the campaign trail on Friday, Cruz tried once again to tie Trump to Democrats.

"Donald Trump, like Hillary Clinton, is a rich New York liberal," Cruz said.

While Rubio got personal.

"He asks for a full-length mirror - I don't know why, cause the podium goes up to here - but he wanted a full-length mirror,” Rubio said. “Maybe to make sure his pants weren't wet."

Trump fired back at the Florida senator.

"I watched a part of his little act,” Trump said. “He's a desperate guy. And he's a desperate guy. I've been watching him over the past couple of weeks -- he is not presidential material"

The Republican candidates not mincing words, less than a week from Super Tuesday.

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