City of Twin Falls prepares residents for backflow compliance

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho(KMVT/KSVT) Unlike last year the City of Twin Falls will not forgive backflow violators.


After plenty of notice the city will make sure you're in compliance by this summer.

“This year, they're serious,” said Chris Snyder of Saddleback Sprinklers.

Come July 1st the City of Twin Falls will strictly enforcing their backflow assembly testing regulations.

“They have the backing of the Department of Environmental Quality in Boise which has the backing of the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington D.C.,” said Snyder.

If you use Twin Falls City water you must have an active and tested backflow preventer installed on your sprinkler system.

“Water turns around and goes backwards in the pipes and carries with it, contaminants, chemicals, disease anything from that non drinking water side of the piping system,” said Snyder.

One reason to have them tested once a year is for safety.

“We take it for granted we just turn the water on and it's there for our drinking, for showers, for flushing the toilet, watering our lawns, whatever,” said Snyder.

In previous years a shortage of qualified testers caused residents to sign up for a waiting list.

“A lot more people to provide the service this year,” said Snyder.

The city will send out more notices through the mail in the future to nearly 22,000 affected residents

“The city is really trying to get ahead of this this year and work with all of us professionals in the area,” said Snyder.

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