Department of Water Resources recharges record amounts of water into aquifer this year

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) An annual effort to recharge the Snake River Plain Aquifer ended Thursday.

The Idaho Department of Water Resources says it was the most successful year on record. More than 300,000 acre feet of water has been recharged into the aquifer from the Snake River since October. That's almost double the previous recorded high.

The department stopped the recharge because there is no excess flows past the Milner Dam. The department doesn't want to impede reservoir levels and take away water from agriculture usage.

The goal of the departments water recharge program is to keep water in the state that would otherwise flow out. Something they did this year at a higher volume than ever.

"I'm extremely happy with it," said Wesley Hipke, the recharge program director. "Especially given where we're at in our program because we're still in the building phase, we're not done yet, with this amount of water it really pointed out where we needed to do more work"

Hipke said they want to work towards recharging as much water as they can in dry years as well.

The recharge of the Wood River is still ongoing. They say that will last as long as water is diverting out of the Magic and Little Wood Reservoirs.

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