Do your research before donating money online

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The website GoFundMe and others like it have helped thousands of people raise billions of dollars.

While the website is legitimate, not everyone asking for financial help is.

Since all of the donations are done online, it can be difficult to tell who exactly you're giving your hard-earned money to.

The Twin Falls Police Department wants to remind people to do their research before donating online.

"One thing we really want to stress with people is that any time you donate money to any type of a charity, it's really important that you verify that source. Anyone can call you and ask for money, and with GoFundMe and other websites like that, people have a very easy way of setting up these accounts," said Sgt. Luke Allen.

The Better Business Bureau says if you're trying to raise money online, another thing to watch out for is hidden fees. Most websites keep five percent of the money raised.

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