Fire-wise landscaping could protect your home from flames

BUHL, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) As the summer heat continues to dry off terrain around Idaho, fires are sparking every week.

The Buhl Fire Department is encouraging people to consider fire-wise landscaping to protect their homes.

"It's always good to have a defensible space around your house," said Andrew Stevens, the Buhl Fire Chief.

Stevens suggests people have about a 25-foot green grass radius around their homes. That could act as a last-defense if a fire sparks from a nearby firework or lightning strike.

"If you can't water your grass at least keep fuels down," Stevens said.

That means rid your gutters and roofs of dry leaves and twigs. Stevens also cautions people to keep grass and weeds short, because if those dry out on a hot day it's just more fuel for fires. It's also a good idea to keep fire-wood away from your home.

"Any kind of embers that stay on your house or collect around your house has a potential to start that house on fire," Stevens said.

The Buhl Fire Department has even started knocking on doors of homes that have dangerous landscapes.

"Hopefully we can prevent some houses from burning down," Stevens said.

Stevens said if people have any questions about fire-wise landscaping they can call the station at 208-543-5664.

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