Frequented Wendell fishing spot closed due to unstable roads

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WENDELL, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) A steep grade leads down to Niagara Springs State Park but right now the Wendell Highway District closed it.

“Wendell Highway District has got quite a bit of trouble,” said Rich Regnier, Hagerman Highway District.

Foreman Wally Dixon of Wendell took KMVT on a driving tour of the damage today.

At one point the road was only 3 feet wide.

In Hagerman they're making repairs of their own.

“But I don't know what's to come is the challenge,” said Regnier. “See the frost is coming out of the ground right now and that's the most susceptible time that the road has.”

With the asphalt plants shut down in some areas this time of year crews have a challenge in fixing the roads.

“We'll fix the road where we got to but it won't be asphalt until later this summer,’ said Regnier.

In the meantime a construction crew still works in the Niagara Springs area.

Rocks, ditches, eroded areas stand in their way.

They can use the help of commercial drivers to not add to the damage.

“Not supposed to haul as much weight and they're supposed to drive slow because the trucks are what do a lot of the damage right now with the roads,” said Regnier. “Trying to get rid of the frost and get the asphalt to sit back down.”

They want other drivers to pay attention to posted warning signs.

Crews had several rescues in Hagerman over the last 8 days.

“Not to inconvenience any one person but to help protect them and warn them that there's an issue or trouble,” said Regnier.

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