From flooding to snow drifts, crews continue serving community

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TWIN FALLS, Id. (KMVT/KSVT) While many in the area had the day off from school, most of the valley was back to work today. What were commuters facing as they began their day?

The answer to that question of course depends on where you were coming and going from, but for those in Twin Falls, it meant flooding.

Rocky Adamson's work day started around 7 a.m.

"It's entertaining, especially when you have ones who want to drive through the puddles and throw water on you," said the 30-year wastewater veteran.

These were just some of the conditions facing city street, water, and wastewater crews all day Monday.

"Right now we have a considerable amount of localized flooding so what that means is that we have certain streets where there are drains that are frozen solid because of the low temperatures and it's making it that the water is unable to go down into those drains," said city spokesman Joshua Palmer.

To the east, the flooding was so bad at White Pine Elementary in Burley that janitorial staff had to use wet vacs to clean up flooding in the hallways.

But that wasn't the case everywhere. It's a whole different story in Jerome, where street crews were working on snow drifts that piled over ten feet high, trapping some area residents in their homes.

All in all, it was an historic storm for the area, but as Palmer puts it, not nearly as devastating as it could have been.

"The forecast that we were seeing a week ago or a few days ago certainly forecasted something much worse. Should we have received those warming temperatures on top of those sixteen inches of accumulated snow on top of rain, we certainly would have seen a lot more flooding."

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