UPDATE: Jerome and Cassia counties work to ID remains

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(KMVT/KSVT) — Jerome County Sheriff’s Office is working to solve a mystery.

A worker found human skeletal remains while they were preparing to dig at a site in rural Jerome County.

Right now the information is sparse. Jerome County Sheriff Doug McFall worries an exact “when” and “where” could jeopardize the investigation, and as for the “who,” that could take a while.

“Even with a rush it can be anywhere from two to six weeks under normal conditions,” McFall said. “Sometimes it takes several months before we get DNA results back.”

Jerome County is getting help from Ada County and Boise State University for that part.

The rest of the investigation is paired with Cassia County. McFall said it’s not uncommon for counties to help each other out, but this time they think there might be a connection.

“There's a possibility that one of their ongoing investigations is connected with this discovery,” he said.

McFall said he couldn’t say if that investigation is the case of Tiffani Streling, a Cassia County woman who has been missing for more than two years.

Updated from original:

Jerome and Cassia county sheriff’s offices work to identify human remains that were found in Jerome County.

The sheriff’s offices are conducting a joint investigation to identify the remains. As of Friday morning, law enforcement wasn’t releasing much additional information.

Law enforcement asks anyone who may have information related to this case to contact the Cassia County Dispatch at 208-878-2251 or Jerome County Sheriff’s Office at 208-595-3311.

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