Idaho films and filmmakers shine at Sun Valley Film Festival

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SUN VALLEY, Id. ( KMVT / KSVT ) - The Sun Valley Film Festival embraces Idaho films and filmmakers, who are roaming the streets of Ketchum as they prepare to screen their work.

Some films are based on true stories.

“Mercury is a short film produced and shot in Idaho, mostly in and around Mountain Home,” said Zach Voss, filmmaker on “Mercury.”

Others are winners of competitions that brought them here.

“It was for the I-48 film competition in Boise. It’s a 48 hour film fest. You have 48 hours to come up with an idea, write film and edit, and submit a short film,” said Dusty Aunan, who is screening his film, “Oh, Sandy.”
There’s an added benefit to making films locally.

“I love making films in Idaho. It’s so easy you don’t have nearly as many restrictions as you would in a place like Los Angeles or somewhere on the East Coast, you know, a bigger metropolitan area,” said Cody Gittings, filmmaker on “Smoke.”

“It’s always really nerve racking. I’m a little nervous. I haven’t seen Smoke for several months and I’ve never seen it with an audience so it should be interesting,” said Stephen Healeker, who also worked on “Smoke.”

Continuing the festival’s effort to shine a spotlight on Idaho films and filmmakers, on Thursday the festival will screen the winner of the 2015 winner of the One Potato Short Screenplay Film Competition.

They will also announce the 2016 winners who will receive a $5000 prize and mentor-ship toward completing the film.

And on the festival’s five year anniversary, how do you describe the vibe?

“I think we’re a little Hollywood and a lot of Sun Valley, a lot of Ketchum. You know its very local, it’s not locals only because the people here are so welcoming, but I think we’ve got a nice cocktail of film, enjoying what the valley has to offer,” said Teddy Grennan,

Executive Director and founder of Sun Valley Film Festival.