Impressive Shoshone Falls help kick off Southern Idaho's Spring and Summer tourism season

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Cars waited for up to an hour this weekend to see the 20 year high flow of water over the Shoshone Falls.

Southern Idaho Tourism says that more than 1200 tickets were sold from Friday to Sunday last week.

They say it was a lot of people from other parts of the state or other states.

On Monday numbers were still high for the park. People like Zac Crosgrove heard about the falls and decided to stop on his way from Boise back to Utah, where he lives.

"We thought we might come check it out because there's summer snow melt and we heard it was raging he said," Crosgrove.

The falls are helping get the Spring and Summer tourism season off to a hot start. Southern Idaho Tourism said they are trying to capitalize that. They have advertisement campaigns from billboards on I-84 to Social Media blitzes and native advertising.

"We're just very excited," said Melissa Barry, executive director of Southern Idaho Tourism. "I think it's going to be a great tourism season as long as the weather stays nice we're looking up for good numbers."

It's not just the falls this spring either. Barry said people are coming for wildflowers and rapids as well.

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