Japanese Yew kills cattle in Burley

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OAKLEY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Blaine County officials reminded their residents about the dangers of the decorative Japanese Yew plant earlier this month.

You might remember about 20 elk died from eating those plants last winter.

They have passed an ordinance prohibiting the sale, planting and possession of the Japanese Yew.

A rancher in Oakley had his experience of the toxic plant when he loaned some of his cattle to a friend in Burley.

A nearby neighbor had been clearing his yard and threw the plant in a trench.

That’s where his cattle came in contact with the vegetation.

“They ate it, it killed the bull and three cows, the other cows aborted in just a matter of hours after they eat it,” said Gerald Marchant.

Research has shown that the plant is toxic to wild animals, domestic animals as well as kids.

Marchant hopes people will get rid of the plant in a safe way to prevent the spreading of it and eliminate possible poisoning.

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