Jerome Red Cross volunteer still helping flood victims near Houston

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) It's been about two and a half weeks since Diana Ochsner left the Magic Valley with a Red Cross emergency vehicle to help Texas recover from Hurricane Harvey.

As she and other volunteers gained access to street after street and neighborhood after neighborhood, as law enforcement allowed, she's seen a lot of damage left behind by the storm.

"I don't know that the word devastating even covers what we see down here," Ochsner said.

Ochsner says whole neighborhoods and communities have been condemned in the Sugar Land area near Houston. That's where the Jerome resident and her fellow volunteers have been stationed.

She says street after street has piles of debris piled up outside houses to the point that only one car can squeak past. That's the scene in trailer parks and neighborhoods with high-end houses.

"It doesn't matter, the water does not discriminate," Ochsner said.

Many neighborhoods, volunteers haven't been able to access yet. Flood water completely ravaged people belongings leaving them with little to salvage.

As people return to their homes to find what they can to save, Red Cross Vehicles, like the one Ochsner and another volunteer from Mountain Home brought down to Texas, bring them hot meals.

They will feed thousands of people every day and help them find meals, and Ochsner said she can see the pain on a lot of the flood victim's faces.

"So there's a lot of emotions, the realization of what happened is starting to sink in and right now it's just in that despair phase where reality has really sunk in as to what's happened," Ochnser said.

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