Legislators from across Idaho tour Magic Valley's industrial economy

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BURLEY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The 2017 Magic Valley Legislative Tour is back in the Magic Valley for the first time since 2011. KMVT caught up with the tour at one of the dozens of stops they'll be making on the day in Burley.

Hosted by the Twin Falls, Jerome and Mini-Cassia Chambers of Commerce, legislators will travel to various businesses that make up the Southern Idaho industrial economy.

Monday, the tour was at the WATCO business park where the company is revolutionizing food transportation via train.

"So it's very useful for legislators to come and get a feel for our area because they have to vote on policy that directly effects our area," said Idaho Speaker of the House of Representatives Scott Bedke.

WATCO was unveiling a new industry changing way to load freight cars for shipping perishable foods across the country.

"So we are automating the rail process. We are creating a process where product is shipped damage free. It's shipped in 7 to 9 days from basically you may say from farm to table," said WATCO manager, Winston Inouye.

The tour rotates to different areas of the state each year.

The Speaker of the House though, outside of politics, is a cattle rancher from Oakley so this tour hits home.

"All of the stuff that we take for granted here of our vibrant economy and all of these new businesses that have been cited here, we know that well. But the other parts of the state do not know that," Bedke said.

The opportunity to share with those not from the Magic Valley area just how the economy and way of life impacts not just the rest of the state but the country as a whole.

Idaho produces so much agriculture that what WATCO has is launching the business into the 21st century and participants were impressed with what they saw.

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