Local agencies see quiet New Year's Eve

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TWIN FALLS, Id. (KMVT/KSVT) Plenty of Americans start the new year off by popping a bottle of bubbly or with a cold one. So naturally, the Twin Falls Police Department responded to a number of alcohol related calls on New Year's Eve.

For many, the new year is spent behind bars – and not the kind serving up dollar drafts. Luckily in Twin Falls, New Year's Eve was a pretty quiet night.

"Over the last few years we actually have seen a decline in D.U.I.s over that night specifically. We've also heard from a lot more public interests how they're saying 'we've already got our designated driver, we've already got plans to take a taxi', Uber drivers are out there ready to go," said Twin Falls police officer Jerry Hutchison.

Hutchison has been an officer for over a decade and says there's been a recent shift in attitude towards drunk driving.

"Perception has changed here and there and that's always good to hear. I'm not above – about the time the bars get out – stopping by the bars and saying 'hey, you guys need a ride home, you shouldn't be getting in that car, you shouldn't be driving'. So a little bit more proactive approach versus a reactive approach once they get on the roadway, and that's huge with our community – be as proactive as possible."

Twin Falls Police received 93 calls for service between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. – only 10 of which were alcohol related.

"They know we usually bring out extra help to hunt down D.U.I.s because that is a serious danger to our community. They're taking a little bit more of a proactive approach to making sure they have their own ride home and making sure they are safe."

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