Mom hospitalized after witnesses say son ran her over

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) A mother was hospitalized on Thursday after witnesses say her son ran her over in his truck.

One neighbor said she saw the whole thing.

She said the mother and son were yelling at each other, and the son got in his truck.

“I thought he was mad and was going to leave, but he didn't,” said Mandy Dyer, the neighbor.

Dyer said the mother starting hitting the back of the truck, and that’s when she said the son backed into his mother and drove away.

“As soon as he took off, I ran over to her to make sure she was ok,” Dyer said, “because I watched her get hit, like she flew backwards.”

She was taken to the hospital, complaining about pain in her arm and leg.

Police identified the son as Scott Ridinger, and they found him about an hour and a half later.

They said they hadn’t decided charges, but were leaning toward aggravated battery.

The court arraigned Ridinger on felony aggravated battery Friday morning, with bond set at $5,000. A preliminary hearing is set for Feb. 24 at 8:15 a.m. before Judge Thomas D. Kershaw, Jr., at the Twin Falls County Courthouse.

According to court documents, Ridinger and mother argued about jewelry that went missing.

Scott Ridinger. Photo courtesy Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office.

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