Nevada bill would let DUI offenders drive after breath test

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CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) - People convicted of driving under the influence in Nevada could drive after taking a breath test under a proposal at the state Legislature.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports police officers and family members of people killed by drunk drivers rallied around Senate Bill 259 Friday.

Nevada suspends DUI offenders' driver's licenses.

The bill would make an exception for people willing to pay for an ignition interlock device.

The Breathalyzer machines attach to an engine's ignition system and allow the car to turn on only after a legal blood alcohol level is blown.

The proposal would mandate anyone arrested for driving drunk use the machines while they await a court date.

Providers charge up to $150 to install the devices and roughly $70 per month to operate them.

Twenty-eight states mandate them.

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