Obamacare premiums increase, Crapo releases statement

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(KMVT/KSVT) - You can expect an increase in Obamacare premiums this year.

The spike is expected to be more than triple its amount.

That is a national average of 25 percent for benchmark plans on the federal exchange.

Idahoans can expect a premium increase of 24 percent.

In a phone interview, Idaho Senator Mike Crapo said this is in addition to higher deductibles and fewer choices of doctors and facilities.

"I have said from the outset that the Affordable Care Act was anything but affordable and that it was going to be very damaging to the ability of Idahoans and Americans to access affordable and quality healthcare. Now we are seeing that come through and become unfortunately true," Crapo said.

He stated that the next step is to revise the act in congress with support of a president.

"This is a season of choice in the United States and I just encourage all Idahoans to pay very careful attention to this as they cast their ballots and they engage in registering their opinions in regards to the direction of our country on this and many other important issues," he said.

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