Officers learn to triage their K-9 partners

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Many officers have basic first aid training, but they hope to never have to use it on their partner.

“I know my dog would take a bullet for me,” said Brad Baisch, Twin Falls Police Department. “So the least I can do is learn how to fix that bullet hole if it happens.”

So Twin Falls Police Officer Brad Baisch gets on his hands and knees, learning how to insert an IV into his K-9 partner.

“This is my way of giving back to my dog learning how I can take care of him if something bad were to happen to him,” said Baisch.

Something "bad" like a stab wound, hypo or hyperthermia.

“We are not specialist in animal medicine,” said Baisch.

This training allows officers from all over the state a chance to be hands on and practice their techniques.

“We learn how to patch them up so they can go back to work and ultimately survive a violent encounter with somebody,” said Baisch.

In Baisch's career he's only had to deal with minor cuts and bruises, but you might remember Boise K-9 officer Jardo who was shot in the line of duty last year.

He later died from complications, Twin Falls wants to prevent that from happening here.

“This is the first class we've had here in Twin Falls like this,” said Baisch. “Myself and the other K-9 handlers have been to several other k-9 first aid classes.”

While in city limits, officers may not worry as much about the nearest treatment center but in a remote area, the threat is real.

“Everything that we're learning here is to stabilize the dog so that we can get them to a doctor or a veterinarian as quick as possible,” said Baisch.

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