Parents disappointed after Heritage school board response

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JEROME, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Parents upset over a survey administered at Heritage Academy last week said they were let down again on Thursday night when the school board would not answer their questions.

Many used the opportunity of the public comment portion to say how disappointed they were in the school and how it had lost their trust.

“All I can say is shame on every single one of you,” said one parent.

The board said they could not debate, discuss or answer questions at the meeting, but after they moved on from public comment, parents were still upset that nothing seemed to be done to ease their worries.

“We wanted answers,” said Davis Conklin, who was at the meeting. “We truly just wanted answers. We completely were sidelined. We didn't get any answers whatsoever. It was a crock.”

Near the end of the agenda, the board proposed a new committee that could prevent these situations in the future: a committee for potentially controversial material. The details of the committee were not fleshed out.

Conklin said she likes the idea and wants parents to be involved.

“They need oversight,” she said.

After the meeting, parents tried again to get answers, but the board once again said they couldn’t answer anything, including any questions from KMVT.

“You should be able to get something. We got absolutely nothing,” Conklin said.

But they said they are not done.

“We'll be working on our next steps,” she said. “This is not over.”

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