Police: Human remains confirmed to be Tiffani Streling

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(KMVT/KSVT) — DNA testing shows human remains are that of Burley’s Tiffani Streling, who has been missing for more than two years.

When her family got the call that the skeletal remains found in rural eastern Jerome County could be her, the hope that she would be found alive came crashing down.

"(I felt) empty... just empty," said William Streling, Tiffani's dad. "Kind of a relief to think there was still some hope out there to get some answers to this finally."

The Jerome County Sheriff’s Office made the announcement Monday, a few weeks after the remains — that the family said was a skull — were found.

The Streling family were called to the police station about a week ago while driving back to Burley after laying her grandma to rest.

Tiffani's stepmom, Stephanie, described the timing as a crazy coincidence.

"Grandma always said that she was going to find Tiffani," Stephanie said.

When officials confirmed last week that it was her through dental records, her dad felt all sorts of mixed emotions.

"Angry... upset," he said. "Just wished it wouldn't have been that way."

But they're still left with questions — why she was in Jerome and what exactly happened.

"We still have nothing on that. No answers. No clue of how she could have got there," he continued.

He told KMVT he wouldn't have thought to conduct a search for her in Jerome.

For law enforcement, the investigation is ongoing.

"Right now, we're trying to figure out how the remains ended up in Jerome county and then we're still working with Cassia county to see what they have for their investigation. At this time, I have no suspect information," said Sgt. Chad Kingsland with the Jerome County Sheriff's Office.

Anyone who may have additional information related to his case is encouraged to contact the Cassia County Dispatch at 208-878-2251 or Jerome county Sheriff's Office at 208-595-3311.

Streling went missing in May 2015. Since then, her family spent thousands of dollars on flyers, billboards and even a K9 to help conduct searches.

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