Radio host apologizes, locals respond

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) While many appreciate the apology and hope it is a learning moment for people who make false claims.

Often the damage of public perception is already done.

“Some of those claims that people make, it's not true,” said Zeze Rwasama.

Radio host Alex Jones publicly apologized on his show yesterday, explaining that his statements about Twin Falls were untrue, an announcement that surprised many.

“I actually commend him, to come out and apologize to come out and admit that everything he claimed is wrong,” said Rwasama.

For some, the apology has no influence.

“It doesn't change what I do and how I feel personally about what's happening in our community and the people that are here and are being resettled here,” said a resident.

Those inflammatory statements come after a year of attacks on Twin Falls from media publications all across the country.

“I'm saddened to think that people will jump on the bandwagon and listen to and believe and follow such information that is often inaccurate.

Many of those publications with agendas of their own.

“Their goal is to divide our community,” said Rwasama.

A lot of the stories stem from organizations thousands of miles from Twin Falls, leaving dangerous impressions in their wake.

“Do a little research, ask questions, educate yourselves before making a judgment on what's happening in an area that you're not familiar with,” said a resident.

And asking someone who lives in twin falls those questions might get you some answers or at least hearing information right from the source.

“We shouldn't accept that, people from outside our community tell our stories, tell who we are,” said Rwasama.

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