Rec district still looking into proposed bike trail along US-93

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JEROME, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - About 20 years ago, the Jerome Recreation District Bike Path Master Plan called for a five mile bike trail stretching from I-84 to Highway-25 on the west side of US-93.

"This was a request of the Jerome recreation district at the time, and it was supported by the county commissioners as well as many locals when we brought it up at the time, and so it was incorporated into our environmental assessment,” said ITD spokesperson, Nathan Jerke.

The Jerome Recreation District is reviewing the bike path plan with a citizen committee.

"When you look at this project, this is out, they're starting out right away, but the entire phase, all the phases will not be completed until about 2021, so right now it's time to make those decisions so we make sure to make the best decisions possible so that the project works for everybody involved,” said Jerome Recreation District Executive Director, Gary Warr.

ITD is ready to construct the bike path in the spring, but the Rec District wants to make sure that the path has connectivity and is useful to the public.

"You know really what we're saying is, well let’s talk about the other routes associated with that plan and are those routes still applicable, and if this is built, how do we connect to it so that people will use it, because obviously we don't want just a bridge to nowhere,” said Warr.

ITD believes that at the time, the Jerome Rec District had bigger plans to connect it to existing parks and pathways.

But since so much time has passed, the rec district wants to make sure this is still something the people want.

"When you have a plan that was developed many years ago, it was probably made and done with recommendations of the public, but obviously growth and different priorities within the district may have surfaced, so we just wanna make sure that we're getting public feedback before we say yeah, let’s do it,” said Warr.

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