Students experience simulated drunk driving crash

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) It's a hard lesson to learn and sometimes the only way to understand is through the real life drama students were shown Wednesday.

“My first thought was kind of shock,” said Megan McBride.

Every fifteen minutes a teen is killed by a drunk driver and Twin Falls Police want to make students understand the gravity of that number.

“I want them to know that their choices impact many, just a simple smile during the day to somebody whose having a bad day can change their world,” said Preston Stephenson, School Resource Officer.

For the last 18 years they've been conducting this realistic demonstration hoping as seniors prepare to graduate, they think about the effect of their choices.

“You kind of just go through this like emotional roller coaster and see what one decision can do,” said Maddison Maxa.

The program begins earlier in the week as a grim reaper removes students every fifteen minutes from class, marking them for death.

They can't talk to other students and their phones are taken away.

“That's where the impact begins with the student body,” said Stephenson.

Parents even write obituaries for students and their friends to read.

“I feel like it's changed me a lot and the way I look at things is a little bit different now,” said McBride.

While only a select number of students are chosen, they hope that their reach will go much further.

“ We try to get a wide demographic of students so that way the impact is felt by many,” said Stephenson.

For the students, it's an important lesson.

“So if you have to make one decision, you should make it a good one,” said Maxa.

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