Summit Elementary honors local first responders for 9/11

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JEROME, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Remembering the 9/11 attacks also made it to the schools.

"It's quite inspiring to walk through the hallways with all the kids knowing that they're learning about a big incident that happened in our nation," said Tyler Alires, a firefighter for the Jerome City Fire Department.

Alires, along with other local firefighters, police and paramedics roamed through the halls of Summit Elementary School in Jerome Monday morning.

"It was really fun to high-five all of them and see all of them in their uniforms," said fifth-grader Ellie Holliefield.

"I was so happy, and my teacher Ms. Stump she started to cry a little bit," added fifth-grader Josslyn Blair.

For one student, the day means something personal.

"I think my great-great uncle died in it," recalls Jaydon Gambles.

Alires remembers the day of the attacks clearly.

"I was waking up for elementary school and hearing the Pentagon has been hit," he said.

Since the students weren't around at the time, teachers talked to them about the significance of 9/11.

"A bunch of terrorists, they came. I'm pretty sure they stole planes and they crashed into twin towers," said Ellie.

"A lot of helpers came to save some people that were in the towers when it fell down," said Jaydon.

"The people who served for us just gave up their life so we can actually live and be free," said Josslyn.

The topic continues to be discussed at home.

"We discuss it a lot, like three times each year. Maybe more," continued Jaydon.

Since it is a sensitive topic for some, students wanting to learn more were directed to ask their parents.

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