Sun Valley Film Festival optimistic moving forward

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KETCHUM, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) After five days the Sun Valley Film Festival showed it's final movie on Sunday.

This was just the sixth year for the festival.

"We're babies in the film festival world," said Candice Pate, the festival's director.

They're babies who say they're growing. With strong ticket sales this year Pate thinks they'll pass last year's sales of 4500 tickets.

"I do feel like this town and this community and state has really embraced it and I feel like we've got some room to really grow this thing and have it be a big draw a the time of year when maybe people weren't necessarily thinking of coming to Sun Valley," Pate said.

While the festival brings people in, it also premiered some films from the area.

Films like 'The Tenth Step', a Thunder Dragon production. The film follows Gerry Moffatt and his 35 years of guiding in the Himilayas. While the footage comes from half a world away, the entire production happened in Sun Valley.

"That was a really lovely for us to be able to do and work with these talented people in our community," said Pia Saengswang, the film's director.

For Moffatt, who lives in Ketchum himself, that made the premiere personal.

"It's a really great opportunity you know, coming from Sun Valley and having the opportunity to actually premiere your film in your home town," Moffatt said. "It's exciting and a little bit daunting at the same time."

With the Sun Valley area already a draw for tourism, the festival's organizers hope to see it grow.

"I think the stars are aligning and there's a lot of great things happening here and people are kind of waking up to what we have to offer," Pate said.

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