Syringa Mountain School approved to continue operating

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HAILEY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Syringa Mountain School is public charter school guided by the Core Principles of Public Waldorf education serving kindergarten through sixth grades.

“We are authorized by the Idaho State Charter Commission. So, in the initial stages of opening a charter school in Idaho State, you are given authorization for typically, three years. This is our third year. So, we were up for renewal in June of 2017. We went through the renewal process. You fill out an application and you give them lots of information about things have been doing. They review that and determine whether or not to reauthorize you for the next five years,” said Christine Fonner, Director of School for Syringa Mountain School.

Syringa Mountain School incorporates subjects including music, dance, and gardening throughout its curriculum. The State of Idaho is requiring Syringa to meet state averages on the ISAT Math and ISAT Literacy tests by 2022.

“Students came in below grade level and a higher level of need to build those skills towards proficiency. So, it is a challenge to meet those needs for each student, but our teachers are pretty amazing and we have a really good framework in place. We’ve already started seeing that improvement happen in the last six months. We’ve seen 28 percent growth in our students already within this school year,” said Fonner.

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