Thieves return irreplaceable keepsake

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LAMPASAS, Texas (KWTX) -- Cathy Greiner was shocked when thieves broke into her car and took a valuable item that couldn’t be replaced. What happened the next day shocked her even more.

(Photo by Kathleen Serie)

Last week, Greiner got into her car to run some errands, and that's when she noticed someone had broken in.

“Then I remembered that when I brought my groceries in the night before, I had not locked my car,” Greiner said.

The suspects took some loose change and Greiner’s purse, but it’s what they took from the center console that made her heart sink.

"It was something that meant nothing to anybody else," she said.

They took a tiny trinket box that was only big enough for a few charms, gemstones and other miscellaneous items. It belonged to Greiner’s daughter, Tracy, who was murdered two years ago.

The box was one of the only things Greiner still had of hers.

"She had very few material possessions and the ones that she had that were with her, were destroyed when they were trying to conceal the crime,” Greiner said.

Greiner said the box had been very special to her daughter, which is why Greiner always had it with her in her car.

"It was something that I could not replace, something that I could not have for her children when they grow up,” she said.

The same day Greiner’s car was broken into, police found her purse a few blocks away from her home, but still no sign of the box.

"It's nothing I thought I'd ever see again,” she said.

With a heavy heart, Greiner posted her story on Facebook, hoping the right people would see it. When she walked outside the next morning, she noticed that her mailbox was open.

Sitting inside was the trinket box, with everything still inside.

“With all of the bad stuff that goes on in the world nowadays, that even somebody that takes off on a bad direction or a bad path still has enough in their heart to where maybe they decide they don’t want to hurt other people,” Greiner said.

Now, the box can continue to serve as a constant reminder of her older daughter, and a sign that sometimes, even bad guys can have a change of heart.

Greiner said from now on, the box will stay in her home instead of her car.

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