One dead | Times Square crash suspect posted 'crazy stuff'

PHOTO: Car hits pedestrians in New York City's Time Square, Photo Date: 5/18/17
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NEW YORK (AP/CNN) — Friends of a man suspected of plowing his car into pedestrians in Times Square say he'd been going through a rough time.

Twenty-six-year-old Richard Rojas was taken into custody Thursday after the crash that killed a teenager and injured 22 other people.

Friend Harrison Ramos told reporters that Rojas hadn't been the same since he returned from active duty in the Navy. He says Rojas was posting "crazy stuff" online that has since been taken down.

Other friends say he was having money troubles.

One neighbor says Rojas is a "good person" and he doesn't know what happened to him.

Two law enforcement officials say Rojas told officers he was hearing voices. They spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to speak publicly.

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