Upgrades underway for Twin Falls traffic lights

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - If you've been around the city of Twin Falls, you may have noticed something different with the traffic lights.

Upgraded yellow outlined headlight

The City teamed up with Idaho Transportation Department to install yellow outlined signal heads, which is meant to help you see the signals easier.

They are also planning to install more yellow flashing turn arrows for turn lanes.

The controller cabinets will have upgraded software and hardware, which is meant to help run signals more efficiently and create better flowing traffic.

"There'll be lane closures on occasion where they have to get up in a bucket truck and do some work on the signal heads themselves, but most of it is done off to the side while they're installing all the hardware and software into the signal cabinets," said Nathan Jerke, Idaho Transportation Department Public Information Specialist.

They are currently awaiting signal cabinets, but will resume the project after the New Year.

They hope to complete the project by early March.

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