Papa Murphy's sets tentative re-opening date after car crashes into building

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A Toyota 4Runner crashed through the front of the Papa Murphy's Pizza in Twin Falls on Monday.

Photo by KMVT's Emily Duke

This is the fifth time in two months a car has crashed into a Twin Falls restaurant.

On Nov. 2, a car drove into the front doors of the McDonald's on the corner of Addison Avenue and Washington Street.

Only a few weeks later, the Great Harvest Bread Company on Blue Lakes Blvd. had their store front shattered by a vehicle.

On Dec. 6, Perkin's Restaurant and Bakery had a car punch a hole in a side wall, and on the 20th of December an SUV drove into the side of Popeyes on Pole Line Road causing damage to the kitchen.

The owner of the Papa Murphy's, Ryan Bybee, called it a miracle no one was injured.

"There's usually people out the door, lined up in here," he said. "Yesterday for some reason it was just, it was empty, so nobody got hurt. That's the most important thing."

He called in Elite Restoration to work on repairs, making this the fourth of these accidents the company has worked on.

"Immediately you have to get a whole bunch of people involved to get something like this put back together," said Dave Hall the project manager.

Hall said jobs like this present unique problems.

"When a vehicle punches through a building it's not symmetrical. Also it tears into wiring plumbing, Sheetrock, studs, your framework," he said, which means the restaurants could be closed for a while, which leads to economic woes for the restaurant owners.

"It's out busiest time of the year right now, so yeah, it's a big impact," Bybee said.

He said he needs to provide for his employees and customers.

"You don't want your customers to go anywhere else either you know?"

Their goal is to be operational by Friday, but repairs are long from over.

"We won't have stuff painted yet, but we'll get the pizzas out the door and work on it at nighttime, so it will be a 24-hour deal for a while," he said.

ORIGINAL POST: A Toyota 4Runner ran into a Papa Murphy’s pizza in Twin Falls on Monday afternoon.

The restaurant was force to close down until further notice. The vehicle also cause additional damage to Magic Nails and Spa. The salon was closed at the time of the incident.

The Twin Falls Fire Department responded to the scene around 1 p.m.

“We do know that she was trying to get her vehicle parked and ended up going through the front of the building,” said Battalion Fire Chief Ron Aguirre.

The driver of the vehicle is in stable condition.

The building received significant damage from the inside, there were three employees working at the time of the incident. No injuries were reported.

The employees were able to call their family members and have them pick them up. Owners were notified of the incident.

Photo by KMVT's Emily Duke
Photo by KMVT's Emily Duke
KMVT Image by Ricardo Coronado.

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