Want to save on gas? Fill up in the morning - and other summer car tips

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA) -- While the heat can take a toll on you, it can also take a toll on your car.

Gas is affected by the heat. The fuel is colder and denser in the morning, compared to mid-day when it is hotter and there is less fluid volume. So to spend less, pump in the morning.

Blake Bump, an Advanced Auto technician, said the sun can take a toll on your car too, so to avoid damage, park in the shade or a garage.

Things like your batteries are at risk. Anything hotter than 95 degrees drains it, so you want to make sure it is fully charged.

Your tires are also a big concern in this weather.

“Make sure tire pressures are adjusted properly,” said Bump. “When it’s cold, you lose pressure, but when it’s hot, you can increase tire pressure so they will over-inflate and wear out faster.”

Maintenance is the biggest key, and all it takes is five minutes. When you are sitting at the gas pump, check your tire, your gauges, and pop the hood to check the fluids.

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