Weather causes garbage delays

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) This weather hasn’t been easy on anyone, especially service personnel.
“Businesses are frustrated, so are we,” said Les Reitz, PSI. “You know the drivers are trying to do their best and we can't physically pull them through, so.”

While some industries are able to capitalize off the recent snow storm and weather conditions, others are having a difficult time in their day to day operations.

“Biggest thing we've just been dealing with is the snow and the snow packed roads,” said Joe Wrenfrow, Western Waste Services. “We've had a lot of problems with snow being piled in front of enclosures and lanes being closed and stuff like that. Parking lots that we were there before the snow plows could get to.”

Not all garbage services are behind. PSi was about two days behind in Jerome and is hoping to catch up on Tuesday, but that creates a domino effect.

“But we're going to be behind in Wendell because we started in Wendell today and they're probably 85% alleys, we can't get through the alleys,” said Les Reitz, PSI.

What many people don't realize is that merely placing your can outside is not enough.

The truck itself must be able to access it, which is something they've been struggling to do all week.

“You know keeping the snow clear, getting your enclosures clear, putting salt down,” said Wrenfrow. “If you are one of our residential customers making sure the carts aren't in snow piles or blocked by snow that way they're out in the open.”

Western waste averages about 20 vehicles on the road per day.

In preparation for winter driving conditions PSI has chains on their garbage trucks, but ultimately it's going to take time for the snow to melt and their operations to return to normal.

“We're not able to get through the alleys with the stop and go because of the snow accumulation in the alleys,” said Reitz. “They're so narrow that the truck will slide to one side or the other, we're afraid of not only injuring our employees but damaging property of the residents of Twin.”

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