Woman makes plea for return of families ashes

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) More than a week ago a woman moved to Twin Falls to be closer to her sons father.

She rented a storage unit to temporarily hold her things.

Six days later she returned to the unit to find the lock broken, and 22 of her boxes were gone.

Among the stolen items were a tv, parts of a couch and a jewelry box that held her mothers diamond ring.

Even worse, both her mothers and sisters ashes were part of the missing goods.

"I found out that their ashes were missing and it broke my heart, that's all I have left of them and I want it back," said Judy Sewell.

Sewell says the thieves probably don't even know that they have them among the other items.

She isn't concerned about the value of the replaceable items, she merely just wants her families memories returned.

She describes her mothers urn as a round teak container, her name engraved on the bottom: Nancy Hunter.

Her sister's remains are in a silver round tall egg horn shaped urn. It has her date of birth and date of death and her name Gail.

Some items that were stolen are irreplaceable and hold special sentimental value, like coffee mugs that she used to drink hot cocoa out of with her mother.

If you have seen either of these or have any information on the crime you're asked to contact the Twin Falls Police Department.

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