CSI Rodeo team looking to move forward

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) It's been a rough year for the College of Southern Idaho’s rodeo team.

They lost one of their team members to an injury before the season started and lost an alumni recently due to a car accident.

Injuries happen in the sport of rodeo it's the nature of how things progress.

Braxten Nielsen suffered a spinal cord injury before the season began. He has since rehabbed and is making strides and progressing further than doctors anticipated.

Due to other falls and training rides other team members find themselves with bumps and bruises, but nothing they aren’t used to or can handle.

But the correlation between them is that they're not necessarily preventable, it's more so an assumption of risk with being a rodeo athlete.

"Injuries are one thing and those are going to happen. Accidents in the arena are going to happen and you just have to deal with those and go on. Traffic accidents or accidents outside the arena are going to happen and if our kids can learn from those kind of things that's all we can hope for,” said Head Coach Steve Birnie.

Recently team alumni Cole Hatcher was killed in a car accident when the car he was riding in blew a stop sign. He was not wearing his seat belt. Its preventative safety measures that Birnie and his coaching staff have talked with their athletes about. Making sure they’re controlling what factors they can to live a healthy, safe life.

Coach Birnie appreciates the public's support in this time of need and recognizes bad things happen to good people.

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